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SDWP Harvests Three “National Achievement Rewards for Excellent Quality Management Teams in Water Conservancy Projects”

October 19th, “Release Conference for Excellent Quality Management Team Achievements in Water Conservancy Projects 2017” organized by China Water Engineering Association, was successfully convened in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The quality directors and members of QC achievement release team from Water Conservancy Construction Group attended the achievement release conference.

Based on the expert judges’ reviews, “Improving the First Pass Yield of the Compactness of the Cement-soil Bedding Cushion” declared by Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd., won the first prize of excellent achievements; the two achievements of “Reducing Management Problems Safe and Civilized Production on Construction Sites” and “Improving the First Pass Yield of TPEP Pipe Installation” declared by the same company won the second prizes.

In recent years, the Water Conservancy Construction Group has strictly implemented the requirements of quality management system, carried forward sufficiently the craftsmen’s spirit to make unceasing improvements, and advanced solidly and effectively QC team activities. The QC achievements are scientific, practical and innovative, and they play an increasingly important role in improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing energy consumption, technological innovation and so on.


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