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Mr. Muhammad, representative of Descon Company in Pakistan, and Mr. Ma Shaoqing, representative of the Chinese side of the company, visited our company


On December 5, Mr. Muhammad, the representative of Descon Company in Pakistan, and Mr. Ma Shaoqing, the Chinese representative of Descon Company, visited the Water Construction Group. The two sides exchanged views on their respective global market strategic layout, and conducted in-depth discussions on specific projects to reach preliminary strategic cooperation intentions.

Descon was founded in 1977. Its founder is a member of the cabinet of Pakistan's new government. It has good social and political resources and is the most powerful general contractor in Pakistan. Due to the lack of water resources in Pakistan, the new government of Pakistan is committed to improving people's livelihood, and will increase investment in water treatment, hydropower stations, dams and other water-related projects in the next two years. Our company is the partner that Descon is striving to find with strong strength.

Our company expresses strong interest in the Pakistani market, and hopes that the two sides can carry out diversified cooperation in the water market of Bastan and even the Middle East, so as to achieve strong alliance and win-win situation. The exchange marked another important step in the global strategic layout of the Water Construction Group.


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