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Barisal Section of Bangladesh Channel Dredging Project Completed Successfully


On the night of December 2, local time, with the sound of machinery stopped by No. 2 dredger, the Barisal section of the Bangladesh waterway dredging project, which was constructed by the Water Construction Group, has been completed.

Although the phased construction task is not large, the construction difficulties are unprecedented. There are some problems, such as short construction period, tidal change, hard excavation soil and so on.The project department formulates strict construction plan and ensures smooth construction. One is that the front line does not stop working overtime. In order to catch up with the construction period, the working hours of the two vessels are more than 23 hours a day. Second, we should rationally divide our work and expand our advantages. In order to fully mobilize the subjective initiative of the crew and the working performance of dredging vessel, the crew relies on operation technology and working experience, and the dredging vessel allocates construction tasks reasonably. First, the dredging vessel No. 1600 carries out the first excavation, and then the dredging vessel No. 2 guarantees the effective excavation depth. Give full play to the respective advantages of personnel and machines, improve construction efficiency and ensure construction progress. Third, the rear coordination and support is strong. The project department maintains good and effective communication with local owners and supervisors in Bangladesh, establishes mutually trusted working relationships, solves problems in construction in time, reduces construction costs and shortens construction time.

"Time is tight and tasks are heavy, but we have no fear" project personnel unified ideas and objectives, with "dare to fight, fight for the first", high standards, strict requirements, a comprehensive rush to rush construction period, to ensure that a satisfactory answer to the group company.


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