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China Design Group, China National Building Materials visit Shuijian Group International Co., Ltd. to discuss cooperation


On October 10th, Lu Xiao, Assistant to the President of China Design Group and General Manager of International Business Department, and Li Lianning, commissioner of Investment Development Department of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. and General Manager of International Department, visited Shuijian Group International Company and had in-depth talks with the main person in charge of Shuijian Group International Company.

The three parties presented the development history, market layout and strategic positioning of their respective international business. According to the characteristics of South Asia and Southeast Asia, they exchanged opinions on the next cooperation of several water supply, sewage treatment and river management projects, and reached a consensus.
Then the three parties hope that by leveraging their respective professional advantages, sharing resources, and taking the group out to overseas, they will explore future cooperation areas, cooperation models and cooperation directions, and reach a cooperation intention, which will lay a solid foundation for the construction of next year's market by Shuijian Group International.


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