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The Production and Living Ships for the Dredging Project in Bangladesh Successfully Towed to Barisal


On September 2nd, the personnel of the Bangladesh Dredging Engineering Project Department of SDWP discussed with the ship towing company to determine the shipping scheme to avoid risks in ship towing.

The next day, with the roar of the machines, four tows made their way from Habashpur to Barisal carrying one dredger and two barges.

In order to make sure that the three ships are tightly joined together, our personnel, braving the severe conditions of strong wind, strong waves and fast-flowing, constantly kept an eye on the main route ahead and paid close attention to the cable connection status. They constantly emphasized the security of all Chinese personnel by wearing life jackets and through the equipment of life buoys, hand rings and other rescue tools. The ships finally arrived at the destination smoothly.
The towing mission laid a good foundation for Phase 2 of the dredging project.


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