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Laihe Ecological Landscape River Harnessing Works of Jinxiang County Awarded Title of “Zhihuai Civilized Construction Site”

On December 18th, Huaiwei Construction and Management Office published “List of Zhihuai Civilized Construction Sites Year 2016-2017”. Laihe ecological landscape river harnessing works of Jinxiang County of medium or small rivers comprehensive harnessing and water system connecting project undertaken by Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of “Zhihuai Civilized Construction Site” after the strict first examination and second review.

Located in Jinxiang County, Jining City, the project includes river harnessing works of 22.953km, dredging and clearing of silt for channels of 8.483km, subsidiary drain dredging works of 14.47km, managing silted village ponds of 22mu, bank and slope treating works of 16.966km, arranging landscape nodes of 0.45m2, river greenization of 3.296km, setting up 65 sets of safety warning signs, building asphalt concrete flood control roads of 7.8km, reconstructing and repairing 28 buildings, etc.

Through the steady works, the company’s endeavor has been highly affirmed in the trade and gained extensive praises from local masses, winning the company title of “civilized construction site”, setting up a positive image for the company and revealing the innovative and practical working styles of the company’s staffs.



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