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Delegation Led by Jia Baoli, the Board Chairman of Water Conservancy Construction Group, Goes to Project Department of Dredging Engineering in Bangladesh for Research Work


From April 16 to 19, the delegation led by Jia Baoli, the Board Chairman of Water Conservancy Construction Group, went to the project department of dredging engineering in Bangladesh for research work and held the engineering symposium of "improving the seaworthiness of the river basin from Mongla to Pakshi".

The delegation led by Jia Baoli, first went to the construction site to review the construction schedule, and called on the front-line workers to inquire about the situation of their life, work and logistics support, paid special attention to their personal safety and property security, and promised the group would help to solve problems wholeheartedly. After listened to the briefing by relevant person in charge on the project construction schedule, safety production and implementation of management system, Jia Baoli highly affirmed the work of the project department of dredging engineering and the front-line construction personnel in Bangladesh.

At the meeting, Jia Baoli pointed out that the project department must make sure to complete the target plan before the flood season and proposed five requests correspondingly. He stressed that it is important to fully understand the significance of the implementation of the dredging engineering in Bangladesh. This is both the embodiment of the response to the national strategy of “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”, and also the needs of the development of firm internationalization, which plays a great role in the company brand shaping and the promotion of the position of the Company, at the same time lays a solid foundation to meet the workers' growing material needs. Second, we shall fully understand the current urgency of the dredging engineering project in Bangladesh and take effective measures to ensure the completion of construction tasks. The dredging engineering project in Bangladesh is facing the problem of limited time with heavy task, further research on current problems and difficulties before us from the organizational level should be adopted and practical implementing scheme should be formulated in combination with the actual situation of the project after seriously analyzing the causes, and a clear responsibility of relevant subjects should be defined to perfect the management system, strengthen the execution ability, vigorously pay attention to the implementation of the work, realize the overall ascension in the accumulation of the summing up experience. On the individual level, we shall obey the organization, obey the management, be united and cooperated, be brave to take the responsibility, be diligent and dedicated, and continue to work hard to ensure the success of the task. Third, we shall attach great importance to safety and prevent accidents by strengthening the education of safety awareness, improve the capability of emergency rescue in order to fully ensure the safety of personal property and the production safety. Fourth, logistics support should be well done to enrich the life of employees. The mode of flexible logistics support in the front-line combined with unified logistics support in the rear shall be carried out. Fifth, we shall establish and improve the Party organization, establish the Party branch as soon as possible, and carry out the work of Party building. Where the business goes, where the Party organization is built, make sure to adhere to the Party's leadership of all the works of the project even in foreign countries.

It is believed that a time will come to ride a long wind to break the waves and hoist up the sails to go forward in the sea. The smoothly running of the dredging engineering in Bangladesh is the result of joint efforts. SDWP will seize the trend of the world and conform to the trend of the times by continuing to explore, strengthening cooperation and striving to create a new development situation.


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