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Company was invited to inspect water conservancy projects in Morocco


?At the invitation of members of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Morocco, Yang Jindong, Deputy General Manager of Shuifa Construction International Co., Ltd., and more than 10 people including the China Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Foreign Trade Association formed a joint inspection group to conduct a 6-day visit to Morocco from January 6 to January 11, local time. Investigation.
At the beginning of the inspection, the delegation, with the warm reception and accompaniment of members of the Moroccan royal family, successively visited the head of the Beni Mellal region, the director of the regional water conservancy bureau, and the director of the Beni Mellal regional investment center. They also visited and inspected the Moroccan national agricultural product processing industrial park, modern agricultural irrigation and other projects under construction. During the period, the two sides held several project symposiums, and under the introduction of the Moroccan National Water Secretary, they learned that Morocco plans to build more than 20 dams in 2020-2027, and is interested in water treatment, hydroelectric power generation, and rehabilitation of dangerous reservoirs. Increase investment in areas such as reservoir dredging, road upgrading, seawater desalination, agricultural irrigation, and water conservancy facilities development and integration. The two parties immediately negotiated the possibility of investment cooperation in this field, and first reached a cooperation intention on the 90-km fast-track project between "Khenifra" and "Bezard". Moroccan officials unanimously stated that China’s inspection activity was warmly welcomed by the Moroccan government and hoped that more Chinese-funded enterprises would take this opportunity to enter the Moroccan market as soon as possible and extend cooperation to new energy, waste treatment, infrastructure construction, and Culture and more fields.
At the end of the trip, the delegation visited the current Deputy Prime Minister of Morocco, Mr. Lahcen Daoud, in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and was honored to explain the results of the inspection to him. Mr. Prime Minister first expressed his gratitude to the members of the delegation, and then spoke highly of the cooperation results achieved by the delegation, and reached important consensus on continuing to deepen chemical cooperation in other fields. He said that we agreed to think about and seek cooperation between the two sides under the framework of the “Belt and Road”. Morocco attaches great importance to and welcomes the strengthening of cooperation between Chinese companies and Morocco in various fields, and is willing to actively prepare for this and create a favorable atmosphere.
Morocco is located at the northwestern tip of Africa, borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and faces Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar to the north. Its largest city, Casablanca, is an important economic and cultural center in North Africa. Morocco has a stable political situation, sound infrastructure, abundant water resources, advanced shipping, and fewer Chinese-funded enterprises, and a good investment environment. It will be a key development area for the group's international companies in the future.


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