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The industrial water source conversion project (water transfer pipeline project) of Guangrao County officially jacked in the second line of Jiqing


On January 5 , the pipe jack construction of the second line of the Jiqing-Qingdao water transfers / transferred pipeline project undertaken by Shandong Water Construction was officially jack . The water transfers / transferred pipeline projects / projected uses two DN1200 pipelines to transport the water from Gaodian Reservoir to the industrial water plant and Zihe Reservoir . The completion of the project will effectively guarantee the water used by industrial enterprises in Guangrao County . The water transfer pipeline intersects with the Jiqing Second Line natural gas pipeline in Dahuantai Village , Guangrao County . The Jiqing Second Line is a high-pressure natural gas pipeline , and our pipeline is designed to pass through the Jiqing Second Line in an inverted rainbow pattern . The project department shall implement strict on-site surveys of the construction site , including underground soil layers , pipelines and above-ground rivers , bridges , buildings , green environment , etc , determine the location of dewatering wells , working pit depth , guide rail direction , etc , and make the best based of the site environment Construction plan , detailed arrangement of construction measures . This project marks a breakthrough in the construction difficulties of important parts of the water transfer project , and is a big step forward for the complete water connection after the year . Due to the deep pipe jack depth and long precipitation cycle , it is necessary to control the continuous shuttle deep underground and accurately grasp the jack distance . In the future construction , there will be a number of difficult bottlenecks waiting to be broken . The project team will monitor the attitude to the pipe jack machine in real time . Adjust the jack force , speed and excavation volume according to the actual situation to ensure that the pipe jack machine can pass through the underground safely .


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