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SDWP Organizes Volunteer Service Activities Themed “Advocating Green Living andCombatingExtravagance and Waste”

On July 29th, the volunteer service teamof Shandong Water Conservancy launched a public welfare activity themed “Advocating Green Living andCombatingExtravagance and Waste”.The volunteers took part in riding to guide citizens to observe traffic rules and “green travel”. They issued initial written proposals and persuade citizens to save energy, reduce emission and transform the concept of life.

Frugality is a virtue, a quality, a responsibility and a duty. The development of this activity makes the staffs of the company fully aware the importance and sense of urgency to advocate green living and combat extravagance and waste.During the activity, the employees are guided to save water and electricity at work and in everyday life, order proper amount of foods in the restaurant, never go in for pomp, and enhance the utilization efficiency of energy, water, foods, office furniture and office supplies. The staffs of the company all expressed their willingness to “join hands with civilization and bid farewell to bad habits from myself and from little things; strive to be the practitioner, transmitter and supervisor to advocate civilization and combat extravagance and waste.” At the same time, the volunteers actively guide the citizens to carry forward the fine style of hard working, plain living, diligence and frugality, and firmly establish the awareness that economy is an honor but waste is a shame.


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