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SDWP organized a donation ceremony of theme in “Dedicate love, convey?warmth”


On the morning of November 16 in 2018, the donation ceremony of theme in “Dedicate love, convey?warmth” for the SDWP staff Fang Zefu's daughter Fang Jinxi was held synchronously in the SDWP Headquarters at Jining, in Shuifa Building and Shuifa Jianda. The assistant manager DOU Lianhui, the chief economic manager ZHANG Dongmei, and the general manager of Shuifa Jianda SHAO Changqing presided the ceremony with the delegation of the secretary of the party committee and chairman of SDWP Jia Baoli,and all the leading group members and staffs participated.

There is an old saying “ Man are subject to sudden changes of fortune as the moon is subject to the changes of being full and crescent, cloudy and clear”. Only after one year of the birth, the daughter of FANG Zefu was diagnosed with a cell tumor. She repeated hospitalizations for many times of chemotherapy or surgery and spend more than 200,000 RMB. The whole family dumped all for their children making this misfortune family even worse. The hospital warned that without a continuous treatment, all previous efforts will be wasted. The medical treatment will cost about 300,000 RMB. This huge expenses will make this ordinary family under a difficult situation.

"One party has difficulties and all parties support" is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. After learning about this difficult, the leaders of the Group attached great importance to it and expressed their condolences to Fang Zefu and his family at the first time to understand the current treatment situation of the children.?In order to solve the urgent needs of Fang Zefu and continue the hope of life, the group trade union issued a proposal to call on all employees to exert the spirit of “dedication and love” and give a hand to help Fang Shifu’s family?to overcome?difficulties.?Under the leadership of the group leaders, colleagues who have been working together?all day, or employees who have never met before, have lend a helping hand, actively giving their children a love, and passing on a passion for life.

The water dripping into the ocean, the love heart burns hope. The Shuijian Group colleagues take the action to build a bridge of love and to ignite the hope of a family with love. Shuijian Group will send the raised funds to Fang Zefu and his family as soon as possible, hoping that Xiaojinxi will recover soon and grow up healthily!


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