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New trend in garbage classification at the Bangladesh DESWSP project site
of SDWP international company


On the morning of July 12, Bangladesh DESWSP project site of SDWP international company organized the activities on the garbage classification, and the whole staff of the Project Department participated in the event with more than 20 local villagers. Through organizing on-site publicity, on-site practice and other ways, the activities provide the local villagers with the knowledge of the garbage classification.

In the construction site, all kinds of signs on the theme of the garbage classification are clear, and obvious like "pay attention to the garbage classification", "No garbage", and other bilingual signs for remind. During the opening ceremony of the event, the Chinese staff successively came to the stage to introduce their awareness of the classification of the garbage and the energy-saving tips in the life.

Li Jianlei, a 25-year-old, is a young technician on the construction site. He also has another status ---garbage supervisor, "Now I pay attention to the construction area of the Project Department and the classification of the garbage in the living area every day", especially for the garbage in the canteen. He has repeatedly carried on the garbage classification knowledge, and now the kitchen waste has been properly classified. The Deputy General Manager of the Project, Li Hongfeng, said that “There are more than 20 employees in the construction site, and a large amount of waste will be generated in life. If the garbage classification is not carried out, a certain pressure will be caused to the local environment. From the beginning of last month, the Project Department has organized several training and made a publicity to the Chinese workers for the classification of garbage, and have achieved good results. "

Mr. Guo has been engaged in the construction industry for 20 years. He said that the construction site's implementation of the domestic garbage classification work must be high standard. Now, in the Bangladesh DESWSP project site, the garbage classification has been the same as the construction specifications, and the violators will be criticized. The leader also mentioned that the classification of the garbage has become the current new trend, and they will actively explore, innovate, continue to do the garbage classification work, and strive to gradually extend the garbage classification to the more work site of the subordinate, to build a more green and environment-friendly project department.

After the end of the activities, the villagers have promised to respond to the garbage classification with concrete action.


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