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Accelerating progress mobilization meeting in the flood season held By SDWP international company at DESWSP project in Bangladesh


On July 8, the Bangladesh DESWSP project of SDWP international company held an accelerating progress mobilization meeting in the flood season. The meeting centered on the analysis and summary of the problems existing in the construction process at the present stage, proposition of solutions, clarification of the importance,management ideas and the emergency work task in flood season to guaranteed the construction progress.

The meeting analyzed and summarized the construction of the project cofferdam, the filling of the construction area and the management of the local labor, and put forward the following requirements for the next stage of the project management: Firstly, it is necessary to strengthen the labor management system, strictly manage the temporary local labor during the emergency period, strengthen communication and coordination among various departments and teams, feedback and communicate problems in time, and solve them in a timely manner. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the importance of safety management in the construction, especially for the site construction personnel who must wear safety hats, safety shoes and other labor protection appliances, for putting up a conspicuous warning sign at the location of the hidden danger; thirdly, each construction group is required not to stop work during the rainy season, overtime to ensure the construction progress of the project.

The meeting stressed that under the current political situation in Bangladesh, it is necessary to strengthen the safety and civilized construction and standardized construction of the project, strengthen the safety measures for projects in flood season, strengthen the monitoring of rain and water conditions, make good emergency plans, and ensure the safety of construction personnel.


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