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Organization of Water supply ceremony
for the second phase of Yellow River East transfer Project in Shandong province


On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), on July 1, the second phase of Yellow River East transfer Project in Shandong Province held a water supply ceremony at pressurized pumping Station in Weifang city .

The second phase of Yellow River East transfer Project is one of the first major priority projects for the conversion of new and old energy in our province, which is included in the General Plan of Water Safety and Security of Shandong Province. The annual water supply is 315 million cubic meters. SDWP is the general contractor of this EPC project. Although the project has been affected by extreme weather since June 2018, the project department has created several of the "most" including the largest pipe diameter, the longest buried pipeline , the longest pipe jacking which break the company’s history and the fastest scientific construction speed.

In the construction process of the Project, SDWP has always actively fulfilled the duties of the general contractor, kept the political position, fulfilled the responsibility of the state-owned enterprises, wrote down the letter of commitment and relied on the front management;The people overcome the difficulties, perform in good faith, make scientific arrangements, and meticulously organize the execution to ensure the orderly and high-speed progress of the project, and finally complete in success the construction required by the provincial party committee and the provincial government.

The completion of the water transfer system framework of Yellow River East transfer Project will effectively relieve the water supply crisis in Jiaodong area, promote the coordinated development of regional economy, and play an important role in dealing with drought and improving the regional ecological environment.


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