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SDWP International Working Conference held in Bangladesh


On June 10, the Bangladesh Working Conference of SDWP International Company was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with the participation of the directors, business persons and project managers.
The main object of the meeting is to fully implement the strategic deployment, to summarize the Bangladesh business development and project situation since 2019, to analyze the current situation, and study the layout of the key work in Bangladesh in 2019.
After listening to the report on market operation and project management in Bangladesh, Yang Qingyun, General Manager of Company, delivered a speech entitled "Focus on Bangladesh Market, Optimize Business Model, Strengthen Management Foundation to Promote Overseas Business Optimizing and Cooperative Development", and deployed the key tasks in 2019 as follows:
First, to strengthen the concept of developing Bangladesh market and consolidate the market layout;
Second, to change thinking method and optimize business model by innovation and cooperation;
Third, to enhance the traditional dredging business capability and promote the development of new business transformation;
Fourth, to strengthen the management and control ability of key projects and projects under construction, and to consolidate the management foundation;
Fifth, to strengthen compliance management and build an overseas risk management and control system;
Sixth, to strengthen overseas security lines and overseas emergency management;
Finally,to strengthen the cultural work and base a solid foundation for its development.
The meeting also reported the business progress in Asian, African and Middle East markets.


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