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SDWP awarded Double Excellent Enterprise Title in the national water conservancy filed


On June 2, the ceremony for 2017-2018 outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in the water conservancy filed was held in Shanghai and sponsored by China Water Conservancy Enterprises Association.
After final examination and approval by the evaluation committee, Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd.(SDWP) was awarded the honorary title of National Excellent Water Conservancy Enterprise of 2017-2018. Mr.Jia Baoli, as the chairman and general manager, was awarded National Excellent Water Conservancy Entrepreneur, and he was invited to participate in the awarding ceremony as a representative of national outstanding entrepreneurs.
As an important honor in the water conservancy industry, the winning of this double excellent title cannot be separated from the perseverance and creative spirit of SDWP people. This award is a full affirmation of the steady development of SDWP and carrying forward the excellent spirit of enterprise in the new era, and striving to promote the development of regional water resources development from all circles in the society. This title contributes to strengthen the brand influence among regions and industries. SDWP will take this opportunity to take challenges and make more contributions for the water conservancy reform by improving management, enhancing efficiency, reform and innovation, fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.

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