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African resources and environment research center (African think tank) discuss the cooperation with Rencheng Dirstict of Jining City


On December 19, Mr Liu Jiaqi, Director of the African Resource and Environment Research Center, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Mr. Jia Baoli, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group, went to Jining Rencheng District to discuss the project of the African Industrial Park. Mr. Yue Gencai, secretary of the district party committee, presided over the project negotiation and exchange meeting, with the participation of Wang Zhengshen, member of the standing committee of the district party committee and director of the office, Zhao Wenwei, deputy head of the district government, and the head of the relevant departments.
During the meeting, they briefly introduced the economic and social development of Rencheng District which as the central urban area of Jining City is the political, economic and cultural center of Jining, with a long history and culture and has won the national comprehensive strength of 100 strong areas, national investment potential 100 strong areas, national science and technology innovation 100 strong areas, national new urbanization quality 100 strong area honorary title. It is hoped that Academician Liu Jia-qi and his team will take Ren-cheng as an important investment base, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, form a comprehensive strategic cooperation mechanism with complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, and make every effort to build a intellegence center and a high-level professional talent training base to boost Ren-cheng high quality economic development. Yue Gencai said that Rencheng District will adhere to the "enterprise to create wealth, the government to create the environment" work concept, build a bridge, to provide a good environment for cooperation between the two sides, preferential policies, quality services, promote enterprises in a wider field, higher level of cooperation and exchange, hand in hand to create a better future. And believe that with the support of Academician Liu Jiaqi, Ren Cheng's tomorrow will be more beautiful.
At the meeting, academician Liu jiaqi presented the situation of the african resource and environment research center, and said that the research center will use the operation of Shandong Water conservancy construction group international company in africa, the market-oriented competitive advantage and the comprehensive strength of Rencheng district and the advantages of government-specific policies, and do a good job of linking the government of Rencheng district with the african market. In addition, from the strategic height, the cooperation with the Rencheng District Government for communication and exchange, participants also watched the Rencheng District talent and intelligence propaganda film.


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