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Work meeting of DESWSP project department


On 1 October, the DESWSP project department of Bangladesh held a work meeting on the theme of "hands-on gifts to the motherland ". International company general manager Yang Qingyun, deputy general manager Yang Jindong, technical consultant Liu Shicheng and project related responsible person attended the meeting, the meeting was presided over by project manager Sun Jiaming.

The meeting congratulated the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and summarized and reported to the participants on the progress made in all aspects since the start of the project. In view of the technical problems, the meeting also carried out in-depth discussion, put forward reasonable suggestions, participants took turns to speak, deeply analyzed their responsible business, found problems and solved problems. The participants opened their hearts, discussed actively and had a warm atmosphere.

At the meeting, Yang Qingyun fully affirmed the work of the project department. He conveyed to the participants the instructions of the group leaders and the spirit of the important meetings. At the same time, he put forward three requirements: one is to build confidence, the other is to be good at learning, and the third is to strengthen unity. He stressed that everyone is critical to the project and to the development of the company, thinking about it from the perspective of a project manager at all times.


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