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SDWP Won "advanced enterprise" honorary title of the national water conservancy system management certification


On September 24, the 20th anniversary forum of the National Water Conservancy System Certification Promotion , which was organized by the Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center, was held in Weihai, Shandong Province. "Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. won the "advanced enterprise" honorary title of the national water conservancy system management system certification , and the party secretary, chairman and general manager of the Group, Jia Bao-li, was invited to participate in the forum and made a statement."

At the meeting, Chairman Jia Baoli expounded the development achievements of the SDWP in recent years, made a keynote speech around the system construction of company in recent years and the future development direction of the company, pointed out that the system construction must take the lead in the participation of the whole staff in the light of the actual work, and aimed at how to transform and upgrade the water conservancy construction enterprises in the future, respectively, in business, market, management, system and management. Differentiation and other aspects of the participation of other participants in the exchange of experience. The experts who attended the forum fully affirmed the rapid development of company in recent years.

Since the establishment of the system certification in 2004, the SDWP has strictly adhered to the system standard requirements, established the rules and regulations, constantly improved, and the system certification work has achieved remarkable results, which has laid a good foundation for the group to be excellent, strong and strong.


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