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Shuifa construction group co., LTD. hold the operation and production analysis and dispatching meeting from January to September 2019


September 29, Shuifa Construction Group January-September 2019 production analysis and scheduling meeting held in Shuifa Building. The leading group, various departments, the principal responsible persons of the ownership company and the responsible persons in charge of management and production attended the meeting, which was presided over by Dou Lianhui, deputy general manager of the group, and Jia Baoli, chairman of the group, made an important speech.

The meeting comprehensively analyzed and summarized the operation and production situation of Shuifa Construction Group from January to September 2019, and the responsible persons of each ownership company, the project department of Yellow River East transfer Project and some departments from the aspects of operation and production situation, existing problems, next work plan and suggestions and opinions on the group company, combined with their own actual situation, studied and analyzed the situation faced by enterprises, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for turning losses and increasing profits. The enterprise management department carries on the statistics to the each ownership company production and management situation and has made the statistical analysis report.

The meeting pointed out that the compilation of strategic planning is the need of high quality development, the need to solve its own problems, and the need to solve the need of development positioning. It is necessary to clearly understand the current situation and grasp the six directions of the development of the company. First, from the business structure to build water conservancy, housing construction, municipal, highway, international engineering, survey and design six sectors; second, from the market, focus on the development of the international market; third, from the business model, from the traditional construction to investment and operation; fourth, from the system, to promote the reform of mixed ownership; fifth, from the management, to build modern enterprises; sixth, from the point of view of differential competitiveness, to maintain the advantages of dredging.

The meeting stressed that the purpose of the meeting is to find problems, find gaps, formulate the fourth quarter work plan, and ensure the completion of the annual business objectives. The next step is to do the following work well:1. to formulate the fourth quarter business plan to ensure the completion of the annual objectives; 2. to formulate the training plan for the operators; 3. to formulate the "three-year plan for project management";4. to investigate the establishment of the planning contract department; 5. to formulate the salary adjustment plan, including overseas subsidies and architect subsidies; 6. to revise the performance appraisal plan; and 7. to formulate the three systems; 8. to formulate the target responsibility letter of the municipal company; aim at the qualification, personnel and awards.


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