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Bangladesh DESWSP project department of SDWP International company organized safety education and training


Recently, the DESWSP project department has carried out the safety education and training activities, aiming at strengthening the safety production consciousness and the civilized construction consciousness of the staff and workers. The site construction, technology, logistics and other major management personnel of the Project Department study together the knowledge of safety management at the site.

This training focuses on the Bangladesh government's laws and regulations on safety and civilized construction, as well as the international safety management mode, civilized construction requirements and other aspects, strengthen the "red line" consciousness, and improve the safety quality of the whole staff in an all-round way. The training requires all the staff of the project department to attach great importance to the investigation and treatment of safety hidden dangers, find timely feedback on the problems, strengthen the safety supervision and management on the spot, and achieve the responsibility for the key links, the measures in place, and the supervision in place. After the meeting, all the staff went to the project site to correct the misconduct of the field operators. The operators make the commitment together and adhered to the practice of "safety first." The enterprise security concept of "prevention first, comprehensive treatment and continuous improvement".

Through this construction safety training, all the personnel have further strengthened the consciousness of safety production and safety responsibility, improved the safety prevention ability, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth promotion of project construction production and the smooth completion of the objectives of each goal.


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