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SDWP actively deployed actions against typhoon "Lekima"


Typhoon No. 9 "Lekima" arrived as expected, affected by it, most of the provinces and cities appeared strong winds and heavy rainfall weather. In order to prevent extreme bad weather from causing great damage to the safety of personnel and property of the company, SDWP quickly set up an emergency management team, urgently held a special meeting for flood and typhoon control, launched a special emergency plan and issued an emergency notice for flood control and typhoon control, and required all sub-units, branches and project departments to attach great importance to the ideology, ensure the implementation of the measures, and clarify the nodes in time. The staff of each project evacuate from the board room of the project department to the safe place in time before the typhoon arrives, cut off all power supply, and transfer the equipment and vehicles of the construction in a safe, flat and high place to ensure that the impact of typhoons is minimized during typhoon transit.

In addition, the project management department cooperated with the logistics Department of the SDWP to check the potential safety hazards existing and focused on the power and drainage system, checked and supplement the materials of flood control and rescue, and arranged on-duty personnel to follow the dynamic of the typhoon during 24h to keep the emergency management team informed at any time. All actions provided a strong logistics support for the normal working.

Emergency management plays an important role in the production and management of engineering construction enterprises, which is related to the overall development of enterprises and the safety of employees' lives and property. It is the core work of emergency management to establish a perfect emergency plan system, perfect management mechanism and operation mechanism. The emergency management of "Flood and Typhoon Control" shows that the SDWP’s people are calm and orderly in the face of emergency situations and it is also a comprehensive inspection of the company's emergency management system.


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