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Bangladesh DESWSP project site of SDWP international company celebrate Eid al-adha


The Eid al-adha is an important traditional festival for Muslims, which is equivalent to the Chinese spring festival. In order to celebrate this festival and to present the humane care, at the local time on August 12, the DESWSP Project Department of the SDWP International Company adjust the work arrangement, send the holiday consolation to the local staff, and express the wishes of the festival.

It is understood that the DESWSP Project Departmen has respected the cultural beliefs of the local country since it entered in Bangladesh. More than half a month before the festival, the project department has a detailed learning of the local legal system, arranges employees' holiday leave, overtime working compensation and other matters, and listen to the staffs to adjust the leave without affecting the construction. On the day of the festival, the project department also sent holiday gifts and wishes to the employees who remained at work, so that they fully felt the humanized management and corporate culture of SDWP. A series of protection measures won positive feedback and unanimous praise from owners and employer


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