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Strong dredged ships in Bangladesh prepared for facing Farney typhoon and survived in safety


Once in 20 years, the strongest typhoon cyclone "Farney" sweeping over India and Bangladesh landed in Kurna and its surrounding areas along the coast of Bangladesh on the evening of May 3. The maximum wind power in the center is up to 200 kilometers per hour and the maximum wind power is 16 classes. On the 4th, the typhoon goes through the area where our ship is located, the dredging project department prepared the protection measures against typhoons in accordance with meteorological information.
On May 1st, the project department entered the state of typhoon weather readiness in the shortest time, immediately suspended 1600 fleet and guide No. 2 fleet to evacuate the construction site and take refuge in the harbor. During this period, the project department mobilized all the people present to understand the typhoon process and enhance risk awareness to cope with the test together.

On the eve of the typhoon, the person in charge of site fully analyzed the situation of the typhoon. In view of the characteristics of the typhoon, such as fast moving speed, strong central wind and wide influence, he led the team to brainstorm and make reasonable measures for typhoon prevention. Adjust the anchorage position of each ship, strengthen the communication and communication between each ship, keep abreast of the status of each ship at any time; tighten the binding of all locks and life-saving equipment on the ship to ensure that all cabin doors and windows are strictly closed; arrange the presence of personnel and local workers to watch real-time satellite cloud maps at night and do a good job of early warning.
After 72 hours, the dredging project department of Bangladesh survived the typhoon with zero loss. Faced with the first typhoon of overseas dredging experience, the project department and the whole team worked together to ensure personal and property safety. This defense work has also accumulated valuable practical experience for the future.


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